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My travels

Dublin Airport, November 2000

This is a photo I am proud of. I used to be addicted to Alcohol, but then I decided to give it up. When Frances and I was going to London Heathrow, I proved my strong personality by walking on the bar counter in Dublin Airport without starting to drink.

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Copenhagen, December 2000

In December 2000 Frances and I went to Copenhagen and we went to the Christmas market in the Wonderful Copenhagen Tivoli. Here I met this fellow, Rudolf as you can see on the photo.

New York, January 2001

This is the famous photo of me on top of The Empire State Building. As you can see just over my head, it was before the terrosists attacked New York.

Egypt, May 2001

Egypt was exciting and ... HOT!

The Nile

We - that is - Frances and I - stayed on a luxury River boat, and one evening I was dressed up as an Egyptian.

The Nile

Here I am with an Egyptian waiter on the luxury boat. It was time for a dress-up party, and they all treated me as if I was an Egyptian Pharaoh. Well, I didn't mind...


In January 2003 I went to Kitzbühel in Austria with McBear, Barnaby and Bamse. One of the days I was in Salzburg. As a celebrity and author I would expect the university of Salzburg to ask me to do a lecture - but they said the semester was over, and they refused to reopen the university for my lecture! Ah! Intellectual Literates!

Welcome to
The Travelling Bears.
We are a gang of TA's (Toy Animals) living in Dublin, Ireland. Since year 2000 we've regularly taken to the road to explore nations and cities by land, air and by sea.


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